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Industrial Mixer And Blender

Semi Automatic Industrial Mixer And Blender

Accepts only Domestic inquiries

250000 INR

Minimum order quantity?-?01 Unit/Units

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In Stock

Supply Ability

10 Per Month


Product Details

Main Domestic Market

All India

Company Details

The foundation of our company, Swaraj Industries, is based on time, technology and quality. These three parameters enable us in creating impact solutions for the industrial sector. We are counted as a reliable manufacturer of Electric Steam Cookers, Industrial Steel Kitchen Setup, Industrial Vacuum Boiling Kettle, Storage Tank, Mixer And Blender. We are a team of 100 diligent employees, each one of whom puts in all their efforts to accomplish their set goals within the committed time frame. Thus, allowing us to complete our orders, all sizes on-time. Combining together the knowledge of our people and the efficacy of our non-human resources, we ensure that all the expectations of our customers are absolutely matched.

Business Type

Manufacturer, Supplier

Employee Count




Working Days

Monday To Sunday



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