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Indian Basmati Rice

White Indian Basmati Rice

80 INR

Minimum order quantity?-?100 Kilograms/Kilograms

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Delivery Time

7 Days

Supply Ability

1000 Per Week

Delivery & Payment Options

  • Cash Advance (CA)

Product Details

Main Domestic Market

All India

Company Details

Rice offers numerous benefits to consumers when it is taken in the right quantity and quality. Therefore, our nutrition experts make sure that the basmati rice we offer undergoes a decent amount of quality checks and passes all of them to be fit for consumption. In addition, great stress is put on the packaging to ensure hygienic delivery of rice.  

Quality Assurance

In our business, a great customer experience is majorly dependent on the quality of the rice. Our team of quality experts tries hard to satisfy the customers by providing them with good quality basmati rice at affordable costs. They take control of all the production processes, right from the procurement of the rice grains from farms to sorting, cleaning, processing and packaging them, effectively.  The end goal is to serve such packs of basmati rice that are clean and contain an adequate amount of protein, fat and other nutrients.

Dedicated Workforce

Our team of highly motivated individuals care for the health of the consumers and accordingly, works on maintaining the appropriate quality standards. To fulfill the nutritious requirements of a large population in an efficient and timely manner, they put in a great effort to speed up production to yield higher output.  It is the result of their excellent skills that we are able to manufacture and supply high-quality Pearl Basmati Rice, Platinum Basmati Rice, Biryani Special Basmati Rice,  Diamond Basmati Rice, Jumbo Basmati Rice, Silver Basmati Rice, and many more rice categories.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to high-quality basmati rice, some other benefits that we provide, include;

Affordable Prices: To make our high-quality rice reach a wider group of customers, we keep the prices economical.
Customer Satisfaction:  For us, the main aim is to make our customers delighted with our products. To achieve this, all the processes, ranging from pre-cleaning to weighing and bagging, to produce fine quality basmati rice are carried out under the supervision of our team of experts.
Shipment Network: Our well-connected shipment network allows us to reach to various locations and ensure prompt delivery services.
Eco-friendly Practices: To lessen environmental pollution, all our manufacturing processes take place in adherence to the global environmental

Business Type

Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler

Employee Count




Working Days

Monday To Sunday



Seller Details





Trusted SellerPremium Seller


Mr. Abhishek

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Office 269, New Anaj Mandi, Gt Road, Karnal, Haryana, 132001, India

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