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Electric Water Heater

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Electric Heaters By Magma Technologies

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Electrical Instant Water Heater

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KETKO Online Water Heater DSF-21 KW

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Gray Water Heater Anode

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White Glex M Geyser

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Electric Instant Geyser Water Heater

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Electric Water Heater

An Electric Water Heater is an electrical appliance that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy which tends to heat water for various purposes. This machine works mainly just like a gas water heater. It turns cold water accumulated in a tank bucket into hot water with the use of an electric heating process. When the water becomes hot in the water heater it is made to move throughout the home via piping and plumbing lines.

An electric water heater contains a thermostat, temperature, and pressure relief valve, a drain valve, an insulated tank, and an anode rod. For the rod heater, the device is dipped into a bucket filled with water, and electricity is provided via a power supply. Unlike portable rods, geysers are installed in the bathroom and are connected with two pipes, one for cold water that is stored and the other for hot water inlet that people use. You just have to on the plug and the heating process gets started.

There are various kinds of instruments, tools, devices, and equipment that are compatible to run and conducted by electrical power. These tools, machines, and instruments are meant to offer comfort to the people who feel the necessity of normal living in weather conditions that are the most suitable for them.

If ACs are to offer desired cool airflow in hot summer, the electric water heater is meant to provide warm water during chilly winter. In places where the temperature is below zero degrees, you need to heat water for bathing, and for this purpose, you need an electric water heater. From heavy electric water geysers to simple water heater rods, companies have produced different types of water heaters that are run by electricity. In urban settings, the water heater has become a part of our daily life since taking bath with warm water during severely cold weather is our utmost necessity. 

Pros and Cons of Water Heater:

It shows low upfront costs.It takes slow heating time.
It is known for efficient energy use.It is susceptible to power outages.
It is safe to operate.It can have high operating costs.


Features of Electric Water Heater 

  • Electric Water Heater is known for various remarkable features, such as:
  • Quick heating of water
  • Auto cut out to protect the thermostat and another component
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Available in different designs and sizes
  • Low maintenance designs


An electric water heater offers so much convenience in homes not only for bathing but also for washing clothes, utensils, and other household things during the winters. Some people are cold prone or cannot tolerate cold water for bathing during the summers as well.

That is the reason they use electric water heater in moderate summers also. This is an important and critical appliance developed to provide comfort to one and all. Keeping the demands of buyers in India and abroad, we maintain a large stock of the product to meet all the regular and urgent demands.

Sellers at Tradeindia maintain a large stock of the water heater to cater to the demands of buyers. We welcome inquiries from buyers and assure them of the best deals here. 


Do electric water heaters consume a lot of electricity?

It is true that water heating systems are the second biggest user of electricity in the world. It consumes 15%-25% of electricity costs in developed countries.

What precautions should we adopt when using water heating rods?

It is important to use a water heater rod very cautiously. Once you fill the bucket, put the rod inside, and plugged in, you need to put your hand inside the water. You should also ensure rue that children do not go near it.

Which type of water heater is the most popular?

Among all the water heaters, conventional water heaters are the most popular ones since they carry a sizable insulated tank where water is stored and warmed. They can cost low initially and are very efficient in all seasons.

What is a solar water heater?

Solar water heaters run with the power of the sun. They tend to function through the use of roof-mounted panels, which then transfer energy via a closed-loop system. This loop system is connected to the water tank where heat is transferred. 

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