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Confectionery Metal Detector

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Tradeindia is the leading B2B marketplace for buying superlative quality Confectionery Metal Detector. The portal has a list of manufacturer
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Tradeindia is the leading B2B marketplace for buying superlative quality Confectionery Metal Detector. The portal has a list of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of metal detector for food material. The machine is used for detecting contaminated confectionary or food items. Buyers looking to buy the detector can also buy similar products, such as Grain Metal Detector, Stainless Steel Metal Detector, Professional Metal Detector, Security Metal Detector and Pharmaceutical Metal Detector.


Metal Detector

1500000 Onwards INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

Navi Mumbai


Confectionery Metal Detectors

1,88,000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units


Confectionery MetalDetector is a type of metaldetector that is designed for detecting contaminated food or confectionaryitems during the production process. The machines enable automatic rejection ofcontaminated or improper confectionary products, such as cookies, biscuits,chocolates. With the emergence of advanced technology, now it has becomepossible to eliminate threats of tramp metal contaminants in food items. Thedetection enables confectionary business houses to ensure pure quality fooditems.

The machinesoperate automatically and alert the operators about possible contamination. Therejected items are collected in a separate container for disposal. Thesemachines are especially developed for the purpose of consumer protection. Howsoeverone takes care during the production process, metallic contaminants of foodcannot be totally eliminated. If metallic particles penetrate the food item or arealready present in the raw material would result in serious harm to consumers.If that happens the companies would be badly hit and their reputation will takea nosedive. That will consequently mitigate their brand value and eventuallylong-term damage to the business.

Keeping in mindthe short term dent to brand image and long-term business loss, Confectionery MetalDetector has been designed and developed to dilute the risk due tocontamination of food. The machine is designed for protection against ferrousand non-ferrous metal contaminants. In factories, it can be installed forstep-by-step monitoring of food quality and inspection of different types ofconfectionary items, such as bread and bakery products, fruit, vegetables, meatand sausage product, dairy products, sugar, spices, etc. Besides protecting thefood products, confectionary metal detectors also protect machinery sincesmallest of metal particles could cause a dent in the machinea s functions.

Featuresof Confectionary Metal Detector

Confectionarymetal detectors are high utility machines used for detecting food contaminationin food production process. There are several remarkable features ofconfectionary metal detectors that make an indispensible part of foodmanufacturing units. A few of those remarkable features are:

  • Automatic elimination of contaminated food
  • Precise detection of contamination in food or its raw materials
  • Noiseless operation
  • Extremely sensitive to all kinds of metals
  • Compact design and modern operating technology
  • Suitable for detecting contamination in various types of food
  • Based in micro-processor controller
  • Equipped with printing option
  • Quality certification
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Use of stainless steel removes possibility of rusting and corrosion
  • Energy efficient 

Confectionarymetal detectors are modern machines that are required in all food processingunits. This enables manufacturers to maintain highest food quality standards.These highly desired machines are offered by reputed manufacturers registeredat Tradeindia. Buyers looking forward to buy the confectionary metal detectormay contact us with their business needs. We will facilitate purchase of thebest quality machines at market leading prices. 

FAQs Related to Confectionery Metal Detector

Why confectionary metal detectors are installed in food production units?


Confectionary metal detectors are installed in food processing units for eliminating the possibility of food contamination as well as the machinery setup. The metal detector is installed before the machine that has to be protected. However, the end purpose of installing such metal detectors is for consumer protection. Before the main production starts, inspection of raw materials is recommended to detect the metals before they break further into smaller pieces once the process starts. 

How do confectionary metal detectors work?


Confectionary metal detectors employ transmitter-receiver method. These metal detectors are equipped with a transmitter coil and receiver coil. The transmitter coil produces a steady electromagnetic field. When a metal particle crosses the detector it intrudes the electromagnetic field resulting in the transmission of a signal detected by the receiver coil. The electronic unit equipped in the detector reads the signal, assesses it and raise an alarm of metal contamination. Thereafter, the metal detectors fitted with automatic rejecter isolates the contaminated item from the production line.

What does HACCP means in food production industry?


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point which is a management system for food safety. By this management system food safety is addressed by analysing and controlling of biological, physical and chemical hazards in food items.

Can aluminium be detected by confectionary metal detectors?


Yes, all confectionary metal detectors generate electromagnetic field through which food or its raw materials are made to pass. Once the aluminium particles interferes with the electromagnetic field it sends a signal to the receiver coil which ultimately alerts the electronic unit for rejecting and separating the metal contaminated food from the main production line.